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When I decided I wanted to start my own hockey website, this was the only place I was going to turn. Femi knocked it out of the park, and has always been there to guide me on how to best use the site, and its more confusing tools. Anytime Ive had a question or issue he has answered it in a matter of hours. You can not go wrong with StarterDev. via Google Business

Zachary Sexton
Historically Hockey

Let me begin by saying that my experience with StarterDev was top-notch from the conceptualization stage to the final execution. They were responsible for designing an interactive and well-laid out graphic design/video portfolio website for my marketing needs.

They laid out clear and reasonable expectations from their end in terms of the design/UI of the website, terms of payment, email services, troubleshooting/help, site navigation, target audience, SEO management, integration with social media, website security and a whole lot more. Evidently, they are experienced and you can tell from the work they put into making sure the customer is satisfied.

I was beyond happy when I showed people my website and they were thrilled to see how it was also mobile-friendly. I’ve been able to successfully manage clients and inquiries through the “Contact Us” platform that was integrated to the website. Inquiries come almost immediately to my inbox.

If given the opportunity to work again with StarterDev, would I do it or recommend them to someone else? Absolutely, without a doubt. Their service is A1 given that they always put me (the customer) first while still actively providing input on how to go about with solving my website needs. Via Google Business

Omono Udo
Freelance Graphic Designer / Freelance Videographer

I was referred to Femi through a mutual friend, so the trust was already established. He has resolved a few technical issues that I was dealing with and he continues to be support for any issues that come up! Femi is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his company, StarterDev.

Anna-Maria Wurz
Avid Interior Design

Femi is not only passionate about his work but truly cares about making a positive impact to whomever he works with on a project. He is always seeking out ways to improve your business through discussion and consultation, he’s always willing to put in extra work. He is a self-starter and played a large role into the success we have had as a hockey development program online. He has been diligent in keeping in contact with me if I need anything from his end. I have been working with Femi for the past 5 years and highly recommend him! via Google

Sumeet Wareh

Femi’s commitment to the job was excellent. Regardless of what issues came up, or when things never went as initially planned he always seems to keep a level-headed approach, and was always able to think of alternative approach in solving problems.

Ak Okuboyejo

Starterdev/Femi has amazing ideas but is also willing to hear you out and bring your vision to life! It was nice having him/them on board with my website.

Sharon Ayidu
Level One Management

When Femi is at the helm of your web project, you can rest assured that your site will not just look beautiful but will effectively engage your audience on any screen. He is a web programmer with a blend of experience, expertise, skills and attitude that I would recommend to any big, small or non for profit business. As a project manager, I grew to not only trust Femi but appreciate his honesty, work ethic and sense of humour. He’s the best. via Linkedin

Kyle Selk

Femi is a developer I’ve worked with on various projects before, he’s great! One time, we were both on a call with a vendor and the vendor was getting super technical with their instructions, and my eyes were glazing over. Femi was able to understand and carry on the rest of the conversation with them while I ducked out of the room.

Eva Wan
EVAWAN Designs

Femi is a joy to work with. I have had the pleasure of working with him on a number of school projects over the past 5 years and he has handled every assignment with aplomb and diligence, displaying the ability to follow creative direction while adding his own creative input in a diplomatic and useful way. His work with the Lister Dodgeball League led to an increase in click-troughs and I recommend him to anyone who needs design and Website work. Moreover, he is an individual I turn to for advice on harnessing the power of IT operations as he has done a series of small favors for me in the process, showing his sincerity and generosity. via Linkedin

Deborsi Hazarika
Lister Dodgeball League

Femi/StarterDev was hired on as a web developer, and was responsible for the building of our web platform as well as its maintenance. Femi was extremely professional on the job, and was able to handle all the shifts and changes on the job with aplomb.

David Isilebo
University of Calgary